Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to all your doubts regarding our pay in instalments method

Buy with Instant Credit

How do I use Instant Credit?

Instant Credit is the fastest and safest way to finance your online purchases. After adding your items to the shopping cart, select Instant Credit from the payment options page in order to pay in convenient monthly instalments.
Select in how many monthly instalments you want to pay for your purchase and fill in the form with your basic information: first and last name, ID number, address, telephone and date of birth. Once you apply for your loan, you will be notified immediately if your financing has been approved.
Once approved, sign the credit contract to complete your purchase.

Who can buy with Instant Credit?

Any customer who is of legal age and owns a credit card.

What is the cost that financing a purchase with Instant Credit entails?

Our lending is transparent and does not contain any small print. Interest rates can vary between 0% (if the business covers it) and 25% APR. You will be informed of the cost of the credit throughout the purchase process.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of payment?

When you send the credit request, you can check the precontractual conditions. Once you have read and approved the conditions, you can finalise the purchase. The financial institution that partners with Instant Credit and approves your credit will send you the pre-contractual conditions and the loan contract by email so that you have them available at any moment.

When are the payments made?

Paying in instalments is easy and convenient. During the credit application process, you will be notified of will the first installment be charged to your chosen bank account or introduced banking card. The remaining payments will then be automatically charged on a monthly basis, using the same payment method.

Can I choose the number of instalments?

Yes, you may choose from 3 up to 24 instalments. Our financing service is 100% transparent and secure. During the entire purchase process you will see the total amount of your purchase and the cost of each instalment.

What happens to my loan if I return my purchase?

If you have any problems with your purchase, please contact the store of original purchase. The return process is the same as with any other online or physical purchase.

How can I cancel an order made using Instant Credit?

If you would like to cancel your order, please contact the store where the order was made. If you would like to cancel the credit lending for your order, you can do so at any time by contacting the financial entity that approved your financing. You will receive the financial entity​ contact info​ by email once you complete the purchase.

Can I pay my pending instalments before they are due?

Of course! You can pay off any amount at any time during the duration of your credit loan by contacting the financial entity that has approved your financing.​ Once you complete the purchase, the​ financial entity​ contact info will be provided​ to you​ ​by email.

Are there any fees for late payments?

Yes. The late fees are detailed in the terms and conditions of your credit agreement

What happens if my credit request is denied?

If your credit request is not accepted, we will communicate this to you instantly via a message on your screen. In this case, you simply need to return to the payment page to finalise your purchase through an alternative payment option offered by the store.

Sell with Instant Credit

What is the benefit of integrating Instant Credit in my webshop?

Instant Credit offers a new payment method for the e-commerce shop. The instant financing at the point of sale offers additional flexibility to customers to choose the payments conditions that are most suited to their needs and the freedom to buy products at a superior price. The e-commerce merchant on the other side benefits from an increase in sales and in the average purchase ticket size.

Why is the multi-financing model better than the traditional one?

Instant Credit works with different partner financial institutions at European level. Key benefits for the e-commerce merchant are a higher rate of credit approval, a greater conversion of sales and a wider international service coverage.

When will I receive payment for the orders made on credit?

Instantly. The total amount of the purchase made with Instant Credit is paid to the business owner as soon as the shopper finalises the order.

How can I see the transactions made with Instant Credit?

The business is provided with a full back-office of Instant Credit where transactions can be seen and consulted in real time.

What happens if the customer finally does not pay back the full amount of the credit?

The e-commerce merchant does not assume any risk. The total amount of the purchase is paid directly to the e-commerce merchant once the purchase process has been successfully finalised.

Can I manage the return of a product?

Of course! The e-commerce merchant can approve any type of return. Instant Credit has an easy-to-use system of automatized refunds.

Can I offer my customers interest-free financing?

Of course! To increase sales conversion, the e-commerce merchant can decide at any moment to subsidise the APR of its customers permanently or temporarily through specific or seasonal campaigns. Please contact us for more information on the conditions of our interest free campaigns.

How can I integrate Instant Credit in my webshop?

It’s very easy. Instant Credit will provide you with all the necessary technical documentation so that you can integrate our service in your webshop in an easy and fast way. Furthermore, with a single integration, you will benefit from an international service coverage adapted to all devices.

How can I inform my customers about the Instant Credit payment method?

Instant Credit offers a wide selection of banners, animated gifs and content to promote our service in your website. We are your partners and we work with you to develop the best promotion and financing strategy to maximise your sales.

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