Finance your clients’ online purchases

Increase your sales and your clients’ satisfaction with the help of the most complete payment method in online financing for big e-commerce companies


Boost in sales and conversion

Stand out from your competitors and attract new customers by offering a new means of payment

Broad international coverage

Lending solution serving multiple European countries with a single integration

We are your partner

We monitor credit acceptance rates for your business conversion, implementing improvements whenever necessary

Substantial funds for financing

Our financing partners have plentiful funds at your disposal. Our service does not depend on a single financial entity

Secure and immediate payment

Payment guaranteed. The total amount of the financed purchase is instantly paid to the merchant as soon as the buyer finalises the order

Boost in average shopping cart sales

Instant Credit allows your customers to buy more expensive products resulting in a 35% increase in average shopping cart ticket size

100% web responsive

Instant Credit is fully compatible with all portable devices

Instant Credit allows your clients to pay their purchases in convenient monthly instalments. Credit requests and approvals are easy, fast, secure and 100% digital

The buyer selects Instant Credit as their payment method in the online shop

The order is immediately processed by the merchant

The merchant instantly receives the total amount of the purchase

Instant Credit directly manages the payments with the buyer


Only one integration process will be necessary to offer financing services to your clients in all the markets where you operate, helping to boost your overall sales


Instant Credit Experience

  • “The process was quick and the answer was immediate. Very satisfied with the service.”

    Eva C.

  • “Buying with Instant Credit was easy and fast. I would recommend this method.”

    Manuel A.

  • “I wanted payment flexibility and that’s what Instant Credit offers.”

    Javier Sebastián T.

  • “A friend recommended me this payment option so I gave it a try. In just 1 minute I had already finished the process and my credit was approved.”

    Alex S.

  • “First time using monthly payment in an online shop but I needed a new computer and I saw I could pay it in instalments. The steps were easy and the information was clear. Glad I gave it a try.”

  • “I needed a new fridge but I couldn’t afford paying at once. The online shop had a more flexible payment method with Instant Credit and I didn’t hesitate to use it.”

    Anna G.

  • “The online shop offered this payment option and I decided to try it. While following the steps I had some questions so I decided to call. They solved all my doubts, great customer service.”

    Gemma C.

  • “At the beginning I had some doubts because usually I pay all at once and with my card. I decided to use Instant Credit because the information was easy to understand and transparent. I am almost done with the credit and everything went great.”

    Marta B.

  • “Instant Credit has allowed me buying stuff that otherwise I couldn’t have been able to afford.”

    Sara V.

  • “What I value the most when asking for a credit is trust and transparency. When I paid online using Instant Credit, during the whole process I knew how much I had to pay.”

    Silvia H.

Integrate Instant Credit

Gain access to all the required documentation regarding the integration of Instant Credit in your business



Get access to the best integrated online financial solution in the market. Our multi-lender solution: single integration, countless advantages

  • We do not depend on only one single financial institution
  • Substantial funds available for financing
  • Instant Credit monitors the conversion of both our merchants and financing partners and, when necessary, implements improvements to boost merchant’s sales and conversion rates
  • Broad geographic coverage

Sell with Instant Credit

What is the benefit of offering Instant Credit to my customers?

Instant Credit offers a new payment method for your online and physical store. The possibility to offer instant financing at the point of sale brings additional flexibility for customers to choose the most suitable payment conditions according to their needs and the freedom to buy products at a superior price. The merchant also benefits from an increase both in sales and in the average purchase ticket size.

Why is the multi-lender model better than the traditional one?

Instant Credit partners with multiple financial institutions in Europe. Key benefits for merchants include a higher credit approval rate, greater sales conversion and a broader international service coverage.

When do I receive payment for all the financed purchases?

Instantly. The total amount of every purchase made with Instant Credit is paid to the merchant as soon as the customer finalises the order.

How can I check the transactions made with Instant Credit?

The business is provided with a full back-office of Instant Credit where transactions can be consulted in real time.

What happens if the buyer does not pay back the full amount of the credit?

The merchant does not assume any risk. The total amount of the purchase is paid directly to the merchant once the purchase process has been successfully finalised.

Can I process the return of a product?

Of course! The merchant can approve any type of return. Instant Credit has an easy-to-use automated refund system.

Can I offer my customers interest free financing?

Of course! To increase sales conversion, the merchant can decide at any moment to subsidise, permanently or temporarily, the APR of its customers through specific or seasonal campaigns. Please contact us for more information on the conditions of our interest free campaigns.

How can I integrate Instant Credit in my business?

It is very easy. Instant Credit will provide you with all the necessary technical documentation so that you can swiftly and easily integrate our service in your online or physical store. Furthermore, with a single integration, you will benefit from a service with international coverage adapted to all portable devices.

How can I inform my clients about Instant Credit’s payment method?

Instant Credit provides you with a wide selection of banners, animated gifs and content to promote our service in your website. Moreover, we also have displays and stickers available to promote it in your physical store. We are your partners and we work with you to develop the best promotion and financing strategy to maximise your sales.

Are you interested in integrating Instant Credit in your business?

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