Financial entities

Multi-lender, Multi-country and Multi-channel consumer finance technological platform

Join Instant Credit

Integrate the Instant Credit platform and gain access to our portfolio of large merchants to finance buyers’ purchases. Generate significant financing volumes, additional revenues, and increase your client portfolio, amongst other benefits

Instant Credit License

Get your own turnkey technological platform adapted to the market and to the latest regulations with a multi-channel, paperless instant credit origination process, which is 100% secure. Offer an integral solution to your merchants so that you only have to focus on lending

Why do lenders partner with Instant Credit?

Increased financing volumes

Generate additional consumer finance revenue by accessing new end-users through large ecommerce businesses

Time to market

License our turnkey technological platform for consumer finance, allowing you to provide an integral streamlined solution without incurring any significant initial investment

Proven technological platform

Instant application and contract signing process, secure and 100% digital. A customisable platform

Real-time management

Digital and instant reporting to track every credit application and transaction

Qualified support

Team experienced in online payments, finance, e-commerce and technology


Instant financing adapted to all channels: online purchases, physical points of sale and telemarketing

Main features

Fraud prevention module

Include measures to prevent fraud and validate buyers’ identity

Promotional campaigns

Promotions fully configurable by the merchant, such as interest-free campaigns according to the number of instalments or purchase price

Lender and merchant backoffice area

Real-time transaction monitoring and reporting

Fund management

Instant and automated payment management between lender and merchants

Digital credit contract signature

Automated generator of the credit contract and corresponding digital signature

Risk decision engine

Configurable risk decision engine adjustable to the lenders’ requirements

360º Support

Support department for lenders, merchant and end-users. Including support on technology integrations