Financing an online purchase has never been so easy

Personalised instalments, no paperwork and instantaneous approval


Fast process, 100% online

Finance your purchase instantly in convenient monthly instalments, no paperwork necessary



You choose the number of instalments to finance your purchase. 24/7 service.


Instant Credit is designed to prevent unauthorized use and protect buyers’ personal data at all times

Do you own an

Offer your clients the possibility to pay for their purchases in instalments and make the most out of instant financing

  • Boost in sales and conversion
  • Secure and immediate payment
  • Maximum flexibility for the buyer
  • Single integration with broad international coverage
  • Offer 0% APR campaigns: seasonal, by product, by number of instalments,… We provide you with all the necessary tools to implement it!


Instant Credit Experience

  • “The process was quick and the answer was immediate. Very satisfied with the service.”

    Eva C.

  • “Buying with Instant Credit was easy and fast. I would recommend this method.”

    Manuel A.

  • “I wanted payment flexibility and that’s what Instant Credit offers.”

    Javier Sebastián T.

  • “A friend recommended me this payment option so I gave it a try. In just 2 minutes I had already finished the process and my credit was approved.”

    Alex S.

  • “First time using monthly payment in an online shop but I needed a new computer and I saw I could pay it in instalments. The steps were easy and the information was clear. Glad I gave it a try.”

  • “I needed a new fridge but I couldn’t afford paying at once. The online shop had a more flexible payment method with Instant Credit and I didn’t hesitate to use it.”

    Anna G.

  • “The online shop offered this payment option and I decided to try it. While following the steps I had some questions so I decided to call. They solved all my doubts, great customer service.”

    Gemma C.

  • “At the beginning I had some doubts because usually I pay all at once and with my card. I decided to use Instant Credit because the information was easy to understand and transparent. I am almost done with the credit and everything went great.”

    Marta B.

  • “Instant Credit has allowed me buying stuff that otherwise I couldn’t have been able to afford.”

    Sara V.

  • “What I value the most when asking for a credit is trust and transparency. When I paid online using Instant Credit, during the whole process I knew how much I had to pay.”

    Silvia H.


Do you own a physical store?

Our platform is adapted to all channels; online shops, physical points of sale and telemarketing