Do not leave for tomorrow what you can buy today

The fastest and most secure way to finance your purchases


Fast process, 100% online

Finance your purchase instantly in convenient monthly installments, no paperwork necessary



You choose the number of installments to finance your purchase. 24/7 service. Cancellations allowed at any time


Instant Credit is designed to prevent unauthorized use and protect buyers’ personal data at all times

Our process

  • Step 1

    Choose to “buy now and pay in installments” at the merchant’s check-out page

  • Step 2

    Choose the number of installments in which you wish to pay for the purchase, introduce your personal information and apply for financing

  • Step 3

    Introduce your card details and complete your purchase. The following monthly installments will automatically be charged

The most complete online financing option for e-commerce thanks to our multi-lender model

We provide buyers with instantaneous credits to finance their online purchases in an easy, fast, transparent and secure way through monthly installments. Instantaneous and without paperwork

Instant Credit Experience

  • “The process was quick and the answer was immediate. Very satisfied with the service.”

    Eva C.

  • “Buying with Instant Credit was easy and fast. I would recommend this method. .”

    Manuel A.

  • “A friend recommended me this payment option so I gave it a try. In just 2 minutes I had already finished the process and my credit was approved. ”

    Alex S.

  • “I wanted payment flexibility and that’s what Instant Credit offers.”

    Teresa S.

We are multi-lender

Do not depend on a single financial institution, with us you will have at your disposal multiple financial entities.
We are the first multi-lender platform specialized in offering online credits for the e-commerce channel

Instant Credit Multi-lender

  • Do not depend on only one financial entity

  • Large available funds

  • Higher credit approval rates

  • Broader geographic coverage

  • Possibility to finance large purchase amounts

Rest of providers Single financing company model

  • The merchant depends on only one financial entity

  • Limited available funds

  • Lower credit approval rate

  • Local coverage

  • Limited number of credits granted

Do you own an e-commerce?

Offer your clients the possibility to pay for their purchases in installments and make the most out what instant financing can bring you

  • Boost in sales and conversion

  • Secure and immediate payment

  • Maximum flexibility for the buyer

  • Single integration with broad international coverage

  • Offer 0% APR campaigns: seasonal, by product, by number of installments,… We provide you with all the necessary tools to implement it!


Success Stories

Shoppers can use our service in merchants belonging to all sectors including fashion, travel, electronics, home appliances, IT…among others